Uk Breeding Bentley Motors Special Edition

Uk Breeding Bentley Motors Special Edition Can Make A Legend

Finally, meet one day on the road ahead and then start to work together. A new journey, This significant encounter not only enabled Uk Breeding Bentley Motors Special Edition to create a series of high-quality timepieces, but also created a model of cooperation between top watches and car brands, and achieved a fantastic combination of heaven and earth.

Let’s fly together and continue the new chapter

A few days ago, the “Bentley World” tour Shanghai station came to an end. It is Bingle’s first large-scale brand culture exhibition in China. As a long-term partner of Bentley Motors. The famous Swiss watch brand Uk Breeding Bentley Motors Special Edition also shines on this tour. Presenting the Breitling for Bentley chronograph designed for Bentley. And Bentley jointly shows the two brands to precision The unremitting pursuit of mechanical technology. The consistent adherence to the excellent atmosphere aesthetic style. And the endless passion for continually challenging ourselves and breaking through the limits.
Whether it’s the Breitling watch fans or the Bentley fans, you can take a tour of the show and watch the latest masterpieces of the two brands: the limited edition of the new Continental Supersports Convertible Ice Speed ​​Record, which is 100 units worldwide, to commemorate this year. In February, the Bentley Continental Supercar created a new record of the ice speed record as Bentley broke the ice on the fast and the full testimony. Breitling also launched the new Bentley Supersports Ice Speed ​​Record (Bentley Supersports Ice Speed ​​Record) Chronograph Limited Edition). Also limited to 100 pieces worldwide, it is tailor-made for ISR owners. ISR watch’s titanium case, new carbon fiber woven dial, red and black color matching, and the ISR sports car’s unique red and black carbon fiber braided instrument panel, center console, and the red outer ring Fake Breitling dashboard clock on the ISR sports car It correctly interprets the cross-border integration of precision timepieces and luxury sports cars.
Each of the Uk Breeding Bentley Motors Special Edition Bentley watches equipped with the Breitling High-Performance Automatic Winding Mechanical Movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), which reflects the dazzling brilliance of superb craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics. At the same time, the Bentley Grand Touring Continental equipped with a specially designed instrument panel clock from Breitling. The powerful sports car provides lasting power, and the precision instrument engraves the journey time. It accompanied by the Continental GT owner on the road with an innocent mind!

Passion Collision: Bentley Supersports Light Body

On February 10, 2011, in the frozen sea of ​​Finland, famous driver Juha Kankkunen drove a Bentley Continental supercar to create a new record of ice speeds of 330.7 km/h. The whole process of companionship and witnessing him, breaking the rate of the ice is the Bentley Supersports Light Body of his wrist.
The Bentley Super Sports Lightweight Chronograph is made of ultra-light titanium and is rugged and reliable. The embossed bezel is inspired by Bentley’s iconic control button logo. The three red-framed ring-shaped accumulators on the black dial are full of dashboard styles. Reminiscent of the exquisite and powerful two-seat sports car. Passionate The combination of red and black highlights the sporty temperament and complements the Bentley Continental Supercar. This watch also has excellent performance. The beneficial exclusive cumulative timing system provides dual timing display (central 60-minute collective timing. and 60-minute and 12-hour combined increasing schedule) to make the timing clearer and easier to read. They are equipped with an exceptional “engine” – certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) automatic winding chronograph movement, accurate and reliable. The timer and dial frame are available in red and green, and each edition is limited to 1,000 pieces.

Ingenious: Bentley Barnato Racing

Between 1927-1930, Bentley won the French Le Mans 24 Hours for four consecutive times, the biggest hero of which was the famous racer Woolf Barnato. To pay tribute to the legendary driver who won three straight championships, Breitling has launched the new Bentley Barnato Racing.
The racing-inspired design instantly blends the passion of the track into the wrist. Breitling’s first disc-type timer system replaces the traditional pointer-type timer dial with two red arrows to accurately indicate minutes and hours. Silver openwork dial Shaped like a miniature racing steering wheel. The new design is eye-catching. The bottom of the watch is more visually stunning, .and the metal jewels of the Bentley Continental GT running wheel hub under the transparent sapphire watch. The random core runs, and swings and the play is endless. This watch also equipped with the high-performance Uk Breeding Bentley Motors Special Edition automatic winding chronograph movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). It provided an efficient and easy-to-read exclusive “30-second chronograph hand” with a timing accuracy of 1/8 second — the challenge of timing. The Bentley Barnato racing chronograph is undoubtedly the star of Bingley’s brilliant racing history. In addition to the steel model, the world is limited to 500 red gold.

Extreme elegance: Bentley GT Ice Bentley GT Ice

All-white “pure ice” design, exquisitely crafted luxury bezel, unparalleled performance – the new Bentley GT Ice collection of British aristocratic elegance and Swiss watchmaking Craftsmanship in one, the ultimate sophistication. The watch based on Bentley’s exclusive pure ice color and the original elegant watch features an ice-white dial and a tonal white rubber strap. The smaller and more compact size design is still exquisite. The shape follows the design essence of the Bentley Continental GT chronograph, which shows the traditional strength and elegance of the Bentley Grand Touring. The courage and passion of Continental are undoubted. The embossed bezel derived from Bentley’s iconic control button logo; the chrome-plated round timer frame is inspired by Bentley’s dashboard design. Adhering to the consistent performance of the Breitling watch. This watch powered by the Swiss Official Observatory-certified (COSC) Breitling automatic winding chronograph movement with day and date display and an exclusive variable tachometer system.