Thousands of flowers of Hermes replica watches Arceau of ancient art, shows dial thousands of first flowers

Hermes watches Group, traditional hand-printed leather processing of knowledge and many areas source of the silver screen, the watchmaking arm decided to on Cristalleries Royales Saint Louis (St. Louis Royal Crystal Factory), from this time, in Lorraine Since headquartered St. Louis signature product – In France, Hermes watches 100% of the northeast of owned subsidiary, it will create a series of replica swiss watches and unconventional decorative pocket replica watches UK crystal dial, to inspired cover of the 19th century paperweight I will help. Founded in 1586, the production only of French crystal maker is you can still create a wide range of skills to use the ball paperweight. Create approximate interest ancient technology, from the point of view of innovation, of pulling the MONTRE Hermes replica watches SOYO Crystal works of art to master, it is transposed to a very thin layer and miniature clock, collect thousands of new Arceau flower Fit to.

Thousands of flowers of Hermes replica watches Arceau of ancient art, shows dial thousands of first flowers

Because it offers a flower bed of a real illusion, we believe (“meaning thousands” of flower) is referred to as the “thousand flowers”, glass technology was invented in Rome and Murano glass manufacturers to new life The lease after the Renaissance that is. It is double, in 1845 it has developed a triple overlay crystal, created St. Louis, the thousands of recovery and first flower paperweight ball, it is like a crystal drop trapped in a magical garden like a dream. Use immediately traditional craft of thousands of flowers were in professional St. Louis, ball paperweight fell out of favor after about ’15, glass art went along with it, the former American collector Paul Jokelson sulfide model consignment comeback in1953, the world coronation to commemorate the Queen Elizabeth 2.

Thousands of flowers of Hermes replica watches Arceau of ancient art, shows dial thousands of first flowers

Since then, of St. Louis, which has been proposed valuables, in every year new limited edition, no more than 300 of the current total annual flowers, fruits and animals, from bouquet of birds and butterflies, and drew a pattern, caused no was. Over the years, the best collection of some of paperweight Jane Lanvin, the king of Egypt Farouk, a collet, today’s embodiment of a method of manufacturing each St. Louis paperweight ancestors, millefiori that are built by celebrities such as crystal I work as 100 years after mastering again.

Paperweight of millefiori of St. Louis process, the molten material immersed ball punty to the mouth of the glass melting furnace is rotated is called “boiler” (metal rod or blowpipe) the manufacturer, crystal or of enamel colors each including in, called “gobs” to form lumps without starting bubbles. Monochrome LCD gate old-fashioned, until will help to form the thousands of patterns of flowers that produce sugar cane, this punty is, in workshops from the work shop, is passed to another one from one crystal manufacturer was. Similar barley candy, crutches that are accumulated in order is formed, to form a more complex pattern by a continuous layer of enamel crystals created in order to display colors.

Crystal workers, melting second of material permission of the temperature so the alienation he punty craftsman of crystalline material or long to pull him of a few meters,, thin, drawing of solid, cylindrical thread diameter measurement, This different dripping of the colored or one-beam cut to 10mm lengths cooling section, vertically, they color when it is placed in the cast iron bowl appears to be a flower bed, is subsequently formed to only a few millimeters. Multicolor glass rods or “English bonbon” these components before clear, specific motifs or random, subsequent to attaching the this layer flower thousands to create each hit “bonbons” spherical crystals are arranged I was added thereon in a pattern.

Pattern, decoration, special glass manufacturer to select each of the paperweight, it is packaged in then-colored crystals cane and crystal glass at high temperatures made of shape, torch, pliers, scissors theme 550 ℃, gathered in 1100 ℃ was created. If the temperature is too low, while it is too high, then the ball crash, it becomes cloudy. I will display a great deal of flexibility to thousands of placement of the multi-color bar of artisan shops flower design. Assembly process or under the “empaquetage” in French,, different components, to be inserted low that a clear crystal ball does not have than the temperature at 500 ℃. It is the absolute accuracy of the work – only possible after long experience – it, because it is challenged to thousands of flowers, to prevent rapid trapped air bubbles, it is covered with a transparent crystal deformation pattern draw a rod in order to avoid when you are.

Philip Delhotal is, creativity and development director pull MONTRE Hermes said: “We, when we launched the Hermes replica watches Atmos clock time in 2013, we worked in the first St. Louis earlier this year visited the paperweight shops , St. Louis is you have found a special process. There is a magnificent and beautiful work paperweight. However, this process is not very popular, we have thought to give a new breath to it. We UK swiss watches replica The attempt to apply this technology to the dial, where accepted the challenge. team is very enthusiastic, we compact to adapt the technology for the production paperweight to see dialed producing specific tools need to stick by the take it as a huge challenge. We had been so excited after several attempts to time, since the material is very subtle cut is very thin, we final basis, it was successful. ”

Ancient craft of continuity in their own way, by showing a high degree of Arceau in a contemporary collection of Hermes swiss watches and normally the number of flower thousand, new it would be attractive to the audience, what flower of ancient technology thousand you are modernization of also. Arceau the pocket of thousand I spent case and sapphire crystal case of crocodile platinum gray shaded enamel dial and strap pad graphite rope and base flowers of unusual thousands 48 mm the function of the front cover white gold pocket replica swiss UK of bag . This 50-hour power reserve, 28,800 vibrations per hour, decorated with special Hermes replica watches H symbol of that decorated frequency, to accommodate the components of the rotation spindle and Hermes replica watches UK H1837 self-winding 193, which is movement production. Platinum Arceau of the same action power 41 mm is several thousand seats indigo alligator strap of flowers, bar center of white and red dotted, flowering thousands and gorgeous texture circle of flowers looking at the stars and flowers and blue dial.

Arceau In thousands movement of Hermes Fake watches UK H1912 production with a 50-hour power reserve and 30 meters of depth of the flower, and look to have a case of waterproof 34 mm diamond white gold, the main crystal manufacturers pink flowers that produce pin buckle and raspberry matching alligator strap Dial White Gold handle a thousand flowers. Delhotal introduces the artistic similarities between the crystal manufacturing and replica watches UK, “This is for those who give their lives. Is from all of the generation to generation for high technology and heritage with a talent for the But, also, high quality and the United States have objects that require detail feeling.